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Computer Control

The CBUS network is connected to a computer using a CAN_USB module, and a software program called 'FLiM Configuration Utility' (FCU), developed by MERG, is used for configuring the CBUS modules. It also enables modules to be updated with new software via the CBUS network when new features become available.

In addition to the physical control panels and DCC handsets, the entire layout can also be operated using JMRI (Java Model Railway Interface), an open source software project. It displays a graphical representation of the railway on a single screen which can be clicked on to change points and routes. Sections of track occupied by trains are displayed in a different colour, and the position of points and signals are indicated. Additionally, DCC software 'handsets' allow locomotives to be operated via the computer.

JMRI also runs a web server which other computers, via a home Wi-Fi network, can interface with. This combination allows every part of the railway connected to the CBUS network to be controlled and monitored wirelessly via a smart phone or tablet.