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The operation of freight services across the network is a complex business primarily involving the two main rail companies (The Shire Railway and The Buckland & Bree Railway). The franchise for a particular service may be owned by one company but contracted out to another. Therefore it is possible to see a Shire Railway freight train hauled by a Buckland & Bree Railway locomotive.

Coal Shuttle Distribution of coal around the network. Sources include the mine at Hobbiton and pits near Rivendell.
Network Freight Transfers general freight between towns across the network. Goods include raw materials, agricultural produce and manufactured goods.
Regional Shire Freight
Links the small rural communities of the North and South Shire regions to the large stations of Michel Delving, Hobbiton and Buckland. Carries manufactured goods, agricultural produce and mail.
Staddle Freight
Serves the Staddle Railway region (linking Staddle, Coombe and Bree) although the volume of goods carried is relatively small.
Army Freight
The franchise for this service is owned by the Staddle Railway and military trains may occasionally be seen as far as Michel Delving. Whilst running between the Army depot and Bree the trains are hauled by a Staddle Railway locomotive, but beyond Bree the motive power changes, usually to a B&BR locomotive.