The layout is powered from six 240 Volt AC power supplies delivering a number of low voltage outputs for different purposes:


115V DC 6A SMPSDCC BoosterAll track

212V DC 5A SMPSCBUS modules and accessoriesMichel Delving, Hobbiton and Rivendell
312V DC 5A SMPSCBUS modules and accessoriesBuckland, Bree and Staddle

416V ACCBUS modules and accessoriesGrey Havens
516V ACCBUS point modulesMichel Delving, Hobbiton and Rivendell
616V ACCBUS point modulesBuckland and Bree

The 15V DC 6A SMPS supplies the DCC booster rated at 5A that powers all the layout track. The MERG CBUS modules operate from a 12V DC supply with the exception of those operating the points, which require 16V AC. A new, 12V DC version of the point module is available but had not been developed when the conversion work started. The two 12V DC sources also power ancillary circuits including lighting and other scenic effects.