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B4 'Círdan' and No.1 'Rose' at Michel Delving.

Rail services started in 1967 with the purchase of No.1 'Rose', a steam 0-4-0 shunter, by the Shire Railway. Since then the network has been expanded and upgraded, and there are currently 91 passenger and freight locomotives in service, 9 in maintenance and 3 unservicable.

The two largest companies (the Shire Railway and the Buckland & Bree Railway) operate across the entire network, while the Staddle & Coombe Railway operates a short branch line east of Bree.

B6 'Shadowfax' and another Class 43 in the bay platforms at Bree.

The Bree-Rivendell InterCity Konsortium (BRICK) and the KronicWestmarch Railway operate services to the east and west of the main network respectively, with the former running InterCity services as far west as Michel Delving.